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FOXY-DAISY was protesting since was not focus in on being center of attention this weekend since step daughter was here . Pooped on my
floor YUCK just graceful I did'nt step in it .
1 ) With step daughter since whole weekend can not crate this long . Would be aweful mean of me to do so . How do I give FOXY-DAISY attention plus my
step daughter who is sadly seldom with us than ? As to prevent POOP accidents from occuring ?
2 ) With company just over for a few hours I should crate than with favorite blanket toys etc ... Keep away from company since family dog correct ?:

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How old is your stepdaughter. Maybe they can play together. I don't crate Maggie when we have company. I want her to interact with as many people as possible. I do crate her if we have company and are eating so my guests don't have to face the pitiful eyes.
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