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Hi everyone!

Tamara here, momma to two lunatic beagles - Zowie is six and Ziggy is just coming up to 16 weeks now.

Never having raised a puppy before, (Zowie was a research facility rescue) everything is new to me. I've been rolling well with the punches so far, but I can tell that at four months, things will change. Ziggy's growing up REAL fast!!

So I want to know, what should I expect/be prepared for with a puppy at four months? I know teething will start soon, that had better explain the sudden spike in nipping... but is there anything else?

One more thing: Zowie and Ziggy are pro wrestlers and spend most of their time together chasing and grappling. However, after it goes on for a little while, Zowie will make an ungodly growling/yelling noise, non-stop, while they wrestle. She has the option to leave but doesn't, and after a while of growl-yelling, I can tell the two get annoyed with one another. What's going on here? How do I manage these two nutheads?
If it helps, Zowie is alpha over Ziggy - she humps him constantly and he'll do subordinate displays often during play, but he's a pushy little thing.

Well, any insights would be great! Thank you!


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I am trying to think back to when ours were 4 months old. Sadie and Pooh are the same age (age 8 now), and we got them together as puppies. They were wild heathens when they were little. Ours did a lot of wrestling and growling. They only hurt each other 1 time when wrestling. One had a black eye and one had a bitten ear. Other than that they wrestled and played fine together. We didn't trust them in the house unattended until they were several years old. Ours were both chewers. They stayed in a luxurious pen during the day when we were at work.

Sadie(girl) is dominant over Pooh Bear (male) too. Sadie unsed to hump Pooh Bear when they were little. I even called the vet to tell them this because I thought it wasn't right for her to do this. The vet explained that she was just showing dominance, nothing sexual at all.

My advise is give it lots of time and patience. They are still both babies.
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