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I found a little comfort in writing a poem after i lost Alfie,I thought i would share it with you all and hope that it may bring those that have loved and lost a little comfort too.
Take care,

<span style="font-weight: bold">Beagle Star.

There's another bright star in the sky tonight
Shining for me with all his might.
You and i, We were a team,
Those days are now gone and i can only dream
Of the love that we shared and the fun that we had,
Just to have known you i am so very glad.
I cannot see the sunshine,i can only see the rain,
And every time i think of you,my heart it breaks with pain.

You taught me so much,my little Beagle star.
I know you had to leave but heaven seems so very far.
You'll never know how much i miss you and nothing seems the same,
How i wish that i could find you and bring you home again.
If i could just have one more moment,a hug,a kiss,a smile
I'd run through fields of green with you,if only for a while.
I'd treasure it forever ,but that will never be.
So until then while i dream my love run free and wait for me .

In loving memory of Alfie 1/6/04 -15/2/09</span>
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