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For Maggie

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Happy Adoption Day!!! :hyper:
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I'm adding my good wishes for a great adoption day! :bounce:
Thanks, guys -- you beat me to my computer today! Maggie is having a howling good day /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif :

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So sweet! :heart:

Abby and I hope you two have a wonderful day!
Oh, Judy, you should blow up and frame that last picture. It's beautiful! :heart:
Happy Gotcha Day Maggie !!!!!
Happy AA Maggie! I love that last picture. It looks like she's smiling for you. Give her an extra belly rub from me and Jersey!
Happy Gotcha Day Maggie!!!!!

I love arrrrooooooing photos! I chuckle whenever I see photos like that.

:hi: ) ears off. :bounce: :bounce2:
OOH OOH ME......It's my turn.....

:bounce2: Happy A-day Miss Maggie :bounce2:
Oh, a very Happy Adoption Day to you and Maggie :happyhappy:

Judy, Maggie looks sooo adorable in the last picture. Those eyes :heart:

It's so good to see her looking so well. I love to arroooo at Daisy, then she and I have a duet.

Much love to you both from Daisy and I!!

Monica and Daisy /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Happy adoption day :happyhappy: I :heart: love love love those pictures
Happy Adoption day Maggie!! You are a lucky girl to have such a great Mom! And it is wonderful to see you looking so happy and well!!
Happy adoption day Maggie, you look great!! :heart:
Thank you, everyone! Maggie has had another good day today although she won't leave my side. We had discouraging news from vet on Friday (yucky lab results) so just taking life with Mags one day at at time. :thumbup:
I've been wondering what the vet had said lately....but you answered my question.....

you both continue to be in my prayers....but the way Miss Mags 'arooed' in her pictures....she's obviously a happy dog thanks to your love Judy. :heart:
now thats a series of pics worth framing!

happy A-day maggie girl. AROOOOOOOOOOOO!
Happy Adoption Day from your Colorado Cousins Maggie!

You could give lessons on the proper way to Arrooooooooo! What form, what expression, what a great finish - you nailed it girl! We give it a solid 10! :happyhappy:
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