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Don't give up hope on your puppy being house broken or trained!

Just be patient and be persistent with the training. As the days goes on they will eventually learn what is right and what is wrong.

Today i realized that Dixie is getting the hang of going outside instead of pottying inside. She goes to the door to let me know when she needs to go outside, Also when she wants to play outside too. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

Also she is getting better at the Sit command and we are still working on laydown, stay, shake, and rollover.

Due to a little SA she don't leave me when i have her off the leash. That is if she finds someone else nearby or something yummy to her, :pukey:

but when i walk up to her she comes right to me and lays by my feet.

She comes to me when she is called, unless she found something yummy, :pukey: then all bets are off and i have to chase her down to get the yummy away from her.

She also learning what not to chew and what to chew thanks to the help of "Outdoor Bitter End", this stuff is so potent that when i spray it, it bothers my nose! lol

Crate Training has been good, except when we get sick from eating so much yummy, :pukey: then all bets are off.

Also she is still learning that she needs to stay in the passenger side of the truck instead of climbing over the console to get to me. After 5 mins of playing "go back" she eventually stays and fall asleep.

She learned when not to bark and when to bark, such as if her water bowl is dry from her drinking it really fst, or when she needs to go outside or when she can't get her bone out from under the couch! :hysterical:

As for biting we are still working on that, but i took a lesson from a friend of hers,(BIG German Sheppard) and when she bites me i bite her back, it gets her to licking me instead of biting, and no i don't bite her hard. Also the german don't bite hard either, just puts her huge mouth around Dixie's neck and hold her down but not hurting or anything, you would just have to see it.

but with treats and praises we are still learning!

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Glad everything is going so well. One tip, secure your dog in the truck/car for your and the dogs safety. Either a crate, dog harness or dog partition. Here its illegal to have a dog loose in the car.
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