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Food Issues

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For those of you who were around when our new dog Millie joined us, we love her so darn much! She's become a TOTAL mama's girl, which is ironic since I'm the one who didn't want a dog.

She no longer panics when DH leaves, sleeps in her crate like a good girl every night, and is getting along (for the most part) with the cats. She still growls at one of the cats now and then, and has even growled at my son a few times, but not in a threatening kind of way. We are working on helping her understand that they are all above her in the pack, so that she doesn't feel threatened by them.

The biggest problem we are having is her input and output. She isn't developing any sort of potty routine, which I believe is largely due to her lack of intake of food and water. She goes to the vet on Wed. at 8:30 for her spay, but I wanted to hear what you all on the board think, too.

I know it's not well-liked here, but I bought Iams because I was at the grocery store on the way to pick her up from the pound. I didn't want to grab the crappy stuff, so I got a bag of Iams. She is barely touching her food. I realize that she may not like it, but don't they get to the point where they'll eat just because they are hungry? Her water intake isn't much better. She was on the electric blanket last night and sat up panting from being hot. She knew to go to her dish and lap up some water, so I know that she understands where it is and what it's for.

I gave her some leeway for the first week, figuring that since she was at a good weight when we found her, she chose to catch up on her sleep and affection instead of food and water. But it's been about 10 days now, and she all but ignores her food, save for a bit here and there. There was one day that she ate her whole serving, but since then it's just been a nibble once or twice a day.

Does this sound abnormal to all of you? She's VERY interested in people food, but we aren't giving her any right now. She seems finicky. I did try a carrot and a slice of apple, but she turned her nose up. I also have tried several different training treats, and there's only one she seems to like. She turned up her nose that Science Diet dog bones I bought, so I think that she might not care for the SD dog food.

Any suggestions? I have done a search on the board for food suggestions, but I found a lot about content. I am willing to try a few different brands, and really don't want to switch to canned food.

If you had to list 2-3 brands of food that you think are good and I could try, what would they be?

And do any of you have any thoughts on the behavior surrounding her food? She loves to go for walks, seems healthy, and loooooooves to cuddle--she doesn't seem ill or like she's losing weight. But she doesn't seem interested in eating, either, so I'm fielding all suggestions!
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Our two woof their food down, probably worried that the other one will steal the food.
I think the suggestion of mixing canned with dried food is good, also servng her her food when you eat.
The idea to offer her raw meat is just to test what she likes. Some people feed their dogs nothing but raw food, you can read up about this by typing in BARF on your search engine.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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