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I must admit I haven't resolved this issue either. Penny is great when we eat at the dining table - she learnt her table manners very quickly (don't bother us whilst we are eating). However, if I have a snack on the lounge - she sits next to me, nudges me and if I ignore her, she will "worm" her way around the back of my neck (lying across the back of my neck like a scarf) so that her head is resting on my shoulder, next to my head. It is my fault really, I usually get the giggles when this happens and find it hard to scold her - however, I don't give her any of my snack food. Our deal is that I don't bother Penny for her food, so she shouldn't bother me for my food! I also have to work on this because it will only get worse if I don't!!!
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