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I know this may be a stupid question considering I am talking about a beagle, but my Molly (6 months) gets tough to deal with whenever we are eating in the living room. She will lunge and try to snag food out of our hands and tries to reach food on tv trays (which, when she is fully grown, shouldn't be a problem). My young children are frequently victims of this behavior.

Do I have any hope that she will calm down and grow out of this or have any of you found a training method of dealing with this problem behavior? When I had a cocker spaniel, she eventually learned not to even try to get my food. I knew not to leave something in her reach unattended and she would beg a lot, but I didnt worry about her snatching from me or jumping to take food off my plate.

As it stands now, we have to put her in her kennel whenever we eat anything so I would appreciate any suggestions (if there are any)!

P.S. NO, we do NOT feed her off our plates in case anyone is wondering. She gets dogfood and dog treats ONLY.
Beagles tend to have a strong pack instinct about them, and this behavior is just normal dog pack politics. In the pack, if a dog can take away anothers' food then he's at a higher standing in the pack pecking order. Your job as the alpha dog is to make Molly understand that in the family pack she's the last in line. It will take some time and some punishment to get her to learn that, and expect her to challenge you every once in a while even after she's learned it.
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