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Fish, Seafoods anything of the sort?

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lol, I was wondering how many of your Beagle would rather roll in treats such as fish or any type of seafood rather than eat it?

My Charlie says Such is not for eating:) He smells it then rolls in it, making sure to get all the right spots on himself like it's a perfume.

Does not matter how tasty it is to dogs that are visiting and his brother, He looks at them rather strangely, he then drops and rolls haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha.

He taught his brother outside about worms also, smell drop and roll.
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Oh I see - you mean like if you give them a treat or if they sneak something off the table - they will smell it or even take it in their mouths but then spit it out then roll on it. Well since I don't eat hardly any seafood - nope they don't get it. And with any kind of dog treats - all they care about is getting it in their mouths and down into their tummies as fast as they can. I really don't know if they even taste what they eat. Most any seafood I do like is deep fried and I seldom eat that. Altho I do like scallops that aren't deep fried - maybe I will conduct an experiment and see what happens. Then come bak and publish my results here.

Just thought of something - I'm doing a little grocery shopping after work today - maybe I'll see what I can find - seafood wise - now I'm curious.
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