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First Wedding Shots

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A lady I work with asked me to photograph her wedding a few weeks ago...after trying to talk her out of it, I agreed. Was quite nervous never having done anything like that before. But she seemed very pleased with the results and I was proud of the photos I was able to give her. A couple for you to check out:

(Think I may have gotten resolution a little low on these for web...???)

She had a sunset ceremony right off the 18th green of the country club our company's president owns.

I see why wedding photography is so expensive now...a LOT of work both at and after wedding.
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Quote:Originally posted by Sandyj:
Really nice, and I agree with Eleanor about the picture with the invitation and bands. :thumbup: Do you think you'll be doing more wedding photography?

I would be a lot less reluctant the next time. The wedding pics made their way around the office and I have already been asked to do some senior pics. I felt that was more of a compliment than the compliments; if that makes sense. (certainly not demeaning the other remarks though!!)

The best compliment of all though was the bride's smile when I asked her if she was pleased. She didn't need to say anything. That was great /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

I realized Sunday after the wedding one huge mistake I had made and banged my head against the wall for about two days. Learned SO MUCH that one afternoon. Feel confident the next time (if/when) will be better.

And props to my great wife too. She was a HUGE help positioning, straightening bride's dress trane (sp?), switching lenses etc etc
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