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First heat cycle

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When we had Molly, she went into her first heat cycle at 9 months, to the day. Her cycle lasted 5 weeks. I was wondering how many others out there have had a female that went into their first heat cycle. Bella is going to be a year old this Sunday, the 19th. She still has not gone into heat, nor really showed much signs of doing so. I was just wondering how long to wait before a trip to the vet is in order. Its a long trip for us, and I am SURE that the vet would LOVE to see us make the trip, even if it is in the best interest of the dog, I have to believe they also see dollar signs.

From what I have read, beagles normally go into their first heat between 7-9 months old, and then every 6 months after that (approximately).
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are you sure she just didn't go threw a very light heat cycle. alot of dogs will lick themselves clean and some people dont even notice. she might have already gone through one.

honestly i'd say if at a year and six months she still hasn't had one i'd take her. a year is still within par i believe. i'll ask a friend who's pre-vet but i'm sure you can also try calling your vet or any vet for an opinion of the phone.

hope that helps.

maybe someone who knows more will jump in.

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