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Hi everyone, many know that I am currently beagle-less as Ally passed in 2019, my beloved old girl. I was set on getting my next beagle from a reputable conformation breeder whose beagles had a solid health background and DNA tested parents so I knew what recessives that could possibly be in my pup.

Fast forward to the Cumberland VA situation, with the 4000 beagles at the Envigo breeding facility that was shutdown. My local rescue took in many beagles and there was an overwhelming positive response that applications were closed. Today applications opened again and I've applied for a puppy. I will have to undergo an approval process with family interviews and a home visit but I'm hopeful.

I can still DNA test my pup to determine if she carries any genetic condition that will pre-dispose her to disease so I can be on the lookout.

Please send good vibes my way!馃
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