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scooby was a blk lab, and a protector. great dogs, labs. choc labs do get big though.
whats most important is that the dog is bought as a puppy, 10 weeks old at best.
this will allow your beagle his right to show hes boss w/o a big fight, 2 it allows the dog to get very use to you and your family as his own.
3 the dogs get a chance to play and grow up together, which i guess can go along with #1.
bernie is very friendly to people.yet at the same time alerts me to when someone is around.
hes a far cry from ole scoob though.
people wouldnt come within a mile of ole scoob, well, except 1 idiot at a park once.
dont rule out a mixed breed either. their loyalty to family is well known. you can honestly pick any dog, its all on how they are trained.
scooby had a 6ft radius. he would give ya a very good warning before you hit that mark. after that
your his.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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