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Basenji. Yep thats the one I would pick. Slightly bigger than a Beag, but loving dogs, very quiet (they don't bark) but very protective, love the outside.
Basenji's are African hunting dogs that are just amazing pets. They have a cute little curly fry type of tail. They even come in a tri-color color like many of our beloved Beagles.

Have to be careful about some herding dogs like Border Collies. I understand they can be handful if not getting alot of exercise.

My parents had a female German Shepard when I was growing up. That was the best dog we ever had. She was great with the neighborhood kids that came over to play. She was good on a walk. Smart. Highly protective. Gentle. Her name was "Shadow".

Beagles really do adapt well to other dogs in the house. We adopted a second dog recently and he and Vinny are now inseperable. Vinny has been much more calm since then. Same thing formy sons Beagle.

Good luck, I vote for Basenji's
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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