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fence recomendations

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Got a new beagle pup. I need to fence a side yard. Will a 4 foot wire fence hold in a active male? Or do I need 5 foot. Are they climbers. Chain link or square horse fence ok.

I have 3 acres with an old electic collar fence, Do beagles respect these?

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hmmm 4 foot should contain a pup, but a friend of mine had a 5 year old Beagle that climbed a 6 foot wire fence during a storm as they were spooked by the thunder...
Fences which don't have anything for them to get their grip on are best i'd say...
woah haha lucky the fence contained them...otherwise...result would not have been good.....for the alligator
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only 4 foot? my 6 month old can already jump the temporary 4 foot fence we have him in. as long as his front paws reach the top, he grips on then pulls himself up and over... search youtube.com for the beagle that literally climbs out of a fully enclosed cage thats gotta be about 3meters high.....amazing...
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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