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fence recomendations

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Got a new beagle pup. I need to fence a side yard. Will a 4 foot wire fence hold in a active male? Or do I need 5 foot. Are they climbers. Chain link or square horse fence ok.

I have 3 acres with an old electic collar fence, Do beagles respect these?

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If your beagle is not a jumper or one to go after other dogs, then a standard fence 4-5 feet should be fine. If he will be alone outside without out, make sure there are no gaps and that the fence is installed to the ground our below it. My husband just added that criss-cross lattice stuff to the sections of fence that Molly could squish through.

I personally wouldn't trust any type of electric fence or invisible fencing. If your beag gets on a scent, he might run right thru it, or another dog that is not trained for it can get to your dog.

Do you have a friend with a fenced in yard that maybe you could test out?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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