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I hope that house training and crate training go flawlessly for you and Luigi. If, however, it does NOT...look me up, and we'll talk about options. I've been through the gamut in this house, and so I have lots of different things you can try if the crate training method (which really is the BEST way if you can manage it) fails you.

As for feeding, Luigi is younger than my beagle was when I got her, but we have always fed Kioko twice daily. She is fed in the morning 1/3 of her daily allowance of kibble. I give her the remaining 2/3 while we are eating, but it is set down at her food spot after our family begins our meal (common wisdom I've read for dogs that think they own the house says that you should always allow the dog to view you eating BEFORE you allow the dog to begin eating...it establishes that you are higher in the pack order). Hounds think they own the house, so this helps a lot.

In our home, we say grace, so Kioko's food and water dishes are prepared and put on the table next to my place. She is tethered in our dining area and asked to "sit." When we finish saying grace and everyone has taken their first bites, I set down Kioko's dishes for her to eat.

This may sound over-ritualized, but Kioko has had "issues," and establishing alpha status in every aspect of our day together has helped tremendously.
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