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feathered friends

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some of my feathered friends

from left to right

willow rainbow sunshine kiwi bluebell & shy
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They are beautiful! Do they have the freedom of the house? What lovely colours they are. Do any of them speak?
they have full flight of the house sadily none of them speak but they are fun to listen to when they chirp
Kathy they are beautiful. We lost our Blue in february and we miss him still.
What pretty little things! They must really brighten up you life. I looked at them for quite a while and still could not pick a favorite.
So very pretty!
I was just wondering, do they know where to poop? My friend wants to allow his birds to have freedom to the house as well, but he is concerned that they will pee and poop everywhere.

And oh, your birds are beautiful! I really love the colours, especially the bird in that last picture! What species are they?
Oh my goodness - I love parakeets! How neat that you have so many.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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