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One of my favorite memories is with Tucker and Cleo. I would sit down to pet Tucker and the Cleo would wedge herself in between so she would get the pets. Then Tucker would wedge himself between Cleo and I. This would go on several times each trying to get the pets. Then one would move over to my wife and they would start all over with her. It was a game to them as if they both wanted pets, they had two people sitting there to ready willing and able to pet.

Another thing between these two is how Cleo was over Tucker in the pack. Cleo was 13", old (at least 10 or older) and overweight, Tucker was 17", young (under2), and in good shape. Tucker tried several times to challenge Cleo, and everytime he ran away yelping as Cleo would kick his ****. Normally Cleo was the gentelest, loving, sweetest girls you could ever want, but she was not going to let the young whippersnapper take her place in the pack. It is hard to believe Cleo has been gone for almost 7 years. Tucker mourned for a week when she went to the bridge. Now Tucks has 2 young girls under him and he is the old dog, and he lets them know that he is the top dog in the pack.

(When saying Tucks is the top dog, that means he is the top "dog". He is very well aware that Glenda and I are still the leaders of the pack. He is happy at #3 in the pack.)
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