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Well it seems patience is a virtue.

As stated before, I did not have patience.
However; Lucky has taught Me patience. (New name is Charlie:)

I was filled with so much worry regarding My 14 year old baby(cat)and Charlie aka Lucky (in my other posts).

They have worked it out atleast 95 percent, Baby has decided enough is enough. He is not living in a room no longer, Charlie (aka lucky) will just have to deal with Me being in the house too (Baby says).

Soooo along comes Baby ...trying it the real cats way /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif putting Charlie in his place a few times.

Ohhh Charlie was insulted by this. He looked up at me for understanding.

I finally said deal with it!
as I was not going to rescue what was going on anymore.

They were on their own to work out whatever they had to work out.

I am happy to report that BABY is roaming the house again:)

Charlie from time to time tries to do his hunting crap again..., But Baby is standing His ground.
It seems to be working.

I'm making sure to reasure both of them, that mumma loves them both as I pet and love both of them at the same time, and when Charlie starts the beginning of his crap again,

I don't give neither of them petting I IGNORE, even though Baby has done nothing, I ignore him too, (Only to show Charlie I am not favouring anyone)

You'll never know how My Charlie is starting to heal My being.(he and baby are starting to work it out)
I never cry daily over My past Dog, I'm not depressed no longer from My passing of My Su.
The day I did Shed a tear, was 3 days ago. when it snowed, it was My Su's favourite season.
Not crying too long, I looked at My Charlie on our snow walk and said to Myself (be strong little man needs you to take care of him all will be ok)

Then one last teardrop fell.
I wiped My eyes and carried on our walk with in actual smile:)
Knowing that He and Baby will One day be the bestest of friends. I actualy embrase all the new things Charlie is teaching me, and YUP PATIENCE WAS ONE OF THEM.

PS....I did not want to make another new posting, just incase there is a topic on it already.

Do your Beagle drag the hind legs and walk? Charlie tends to do this not all the time, but sometimes. (in the house only) like stretching yoga cat pose and walks....it is kinda funny.

It reminds me of My Su when she became paralyzed.
However Charlie tends to do it because he likes it.

Picts of Baby & Charlie, alowing Charlie to smell Baby safely, reasurring I love them both....
Charlie and his friends on a walk....
Charlie, enjoying himself on his back....
Charlie wondering where Baby is *looking in the window. *no he's not in the cathouse Charlie* laughs...
Pict of My Su, who passed away at the age of 15years old Sept 25/07

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Yeh they depend on Mum:)

I'm so glad all is starting to come together.

Thank you everyone .

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:happyhappy: GOOD!!!!!

Hey wonderful pics /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

P.S. Sorry to hear about your Su /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

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We love the pictures, keep them coming!

As for dragging legs: Mine do this when they are getting down from the couch or chairs where they will hold the position for quite awhile with back legs up on the furniture and front legs on the floor. Then they will slowly drag them as they walk away from the furniture. I've always thought it was there way of stretching, but occasionally they stay that way for minutes at a time. I just thought my dogs were a little weird. lol

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Great picturs!
My Charlie likes to do the belly crawl with his hind legs stretched straight out , yes, he is weird. He stands on his hind legs at lot, he figures if he doesn't touch the counter top he is fine and I won't ask him "off". :biglaugh:

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Great pictures. Charlie is adorable. Jersey streches her legs out like that a lot too. Usually after she wakes up. She'll keep her back legs up on the sofa while she walks forward and stretches out with her front legs. It's so cute.

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aw, I was so happy ready your post. I too lost a dog, and his name was Charlie. He was my angel. Took me a while to even want another pup, I'm talking at least 2 years. Even when I got Marley, I wasn't sure that I could really open my heart fully to him. Then one day, I realized how much I loved Marley. It's such an emotional feeling, I felt my heart flutter. Now I must say, Charlie has his own special place in my heart that no other dog can touch, but Marley has wiggled his way into his own little spot as well.

Congrats on things working out! I am smiling you.

And boy, we thought only our dog did that stretchy thing with the legs, guess not!

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Glad to see other peoples pets drag themself, I will have to embrase this and not feel sad by it as a reminder of my Su.

Thank you all for your comments, things are still comming together no set-backs, it took 14 years for Baby to act like a cat, lol, guess that what happens when he had a mum who was a dog and took care of him she even breast fed him, he forgot what he was, /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

I see alot of people have dogs that are named Charlie, sorry But this name picked him /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
The name Lucky reminded us of that fake poster that was going around, have you seen my dog lucky 1 eye no teeth 3 legs etc....something like that, I just thought it was some cruel joke for Charlie to be named that, seeing he was born with 1 undeveloped eye that is he apparently is blind in:) so there was no way he could keep that name.

thank you again all!
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