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When the wife and i come home, we always try to be totally inconspicuous to see if we can catch the beagles in their natural behavior, that is, not knowing if we are home or watching. sometimes when we leave them inside, and we leave the stereo on loud enough to mask our sound of return, we try to even sneak up on them and scare them..
this is GREAT FUN!!!
although i scared bonnie and champ so bad about a month ago that champ ran around the living room and kitchen twice peeing and emitting some other fish smelling foul secretion from God knows where,

when are driving up and they are outside, i often drive by slowly to see if they recognize the truck and then pull up slow and stop just past the trees where i can see them but they might not notice me.
they usually do though...
so is my voyeristic behavior unique?
I would Guess not... we all have so much in common.
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