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That is funny. I am always telling Dave to keep his stuff away from Duke if he doesn't want it stolen. Though I have to admit, Duke's favorite thing to thieve is my bras...no matter where they are, he goes in search of them and will get one that's at the bottom of the laundry basket! And he especially loves the Victoria Secret ones. Figures, he goes after the expensive ones! Grrr. Luckily, he doesn't chew them, but if the back door is open, he runs out back with them and gets grass, dirt, Duke slobber, and who knows what else all over them!

Eleanor, Chloe looks like she's being really careful with that money! Is it her allowance? LOL My parents used to have a poodle when I was growing up and my mom taught him to take things to my dad. They'd give him money and he's cart if right over without a single toothmark, but if she gave him green paper, he tore it to shreds! LOL
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