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Einstein is home ....

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Hello all,

I have so many questions being a 1st time dog owner and getting only a 15 minute crash course on crate training, Discipline, and many other things.

Ok let me start with Einstein, he is a 8 week old beagle, just got him home last night. I already bought the wrong crate, size says 1000 and of course I just check the chart on the side of the box and see that 1000 is the size for a miniature, beagle size should be 3000 so I an off to change it. Einstein has already thrown up 3 times which I think is because of nerves, we have the wee-wee pad set-up and we have caught him having 5 accidents threw out the house and said no and carried him to the wee-wee pad to show him here is where you go ......

A little about myself and my wife, we work Opposite shifts, me during the day her at night. We need to crate train him correctly so that my wife gets to sleep in the morning. So this our schedule:

<span style="font-weight: bold">Mornings - 07:30 </span>
Get Einstein out of crate take to wee-wee pad
Feed him
Play we him a little while (1/2 hour)before going to work
Put Einstein back in crate

<span style="font-weight: bold">Afternoons - 01:00</span>
Wife repeats morning schedule except that Einstein is out of the crate for a longer period, about 3 hours.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Evenings - 06:30</span>
I repeat the same schedule I just don't feed him until about 08:00 - 08:30 but i play with him for msot of the time between 06:30 and when I put him back in the crate.

1) Is the throw up normal ?
2) How do i reinforce the potty training ?
3) What happens if I change the above schedule, let's say I take him out of the crate to play on a none work day ?

I think this is enough for now, so thanks in advance and I know I will have many more question for the experts

Once again thanks ....
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Welcome to you and Einstein! He's adorable!
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