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Einstein is home ....

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Hello all,

I have so many questions being a 1st time dog owner and getting only a 15 minute crash course on crate training, Discipline, and many other things.

Ok let me start with Einstein, he is a 8 week old beagle, just got him home last night. I already bought the wrong crate, size says 1000 and of course I just check the chart on the side of the box and see that 1000 is the size for a miniature, beagle size should be 3000 so I an off to change it. Einstein has already thrown up 3 times which I think is because of nerves, we have the wee-wee pad set-up and we have caught him having 5 accidents threw out the house and said no and carried him to the wee-wee pad to show him here is where you go ......

A little about myself and my wife, we work Opposite shifts, me during the day her at night. We need to crate train him correctly so that my wife gets to sleep in the morning. So this our schedule:

<span style="font-weight: bold">Mornings - 07:30 </span>
Get Einstein out of crate take to wee-wee pad
Feed him
Play we him a little while (1/2 hour)before going to work
Put Einstein back in crate

<span style="font-weight: bold">Afternoons - 01:00</span>
Wife repeats morning schedule except that Einstein is out of the crate for a longer period, about 3 hours.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Evenings - 06:30</span>
I repeat the same schedule I just don't feed him until about 08:00 - 08:30 but i play with him for msot of the time between 06:30 and when I put him back in the crate.

1) Is the throw up normal ?
2) How do i reinforce the potty training ?
3) What happens if I change the above schedule, let's say I take him out of the crate to play on a none work day ?

I think this is enough for now, so thanks in advance and I know I will have many more question for the experts

Once again thanks ....
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Just watch him with the throwing up. It could be many things. Did the breeder send you home with any of the type of food he has been eating? If so you will want to gradually switch his food over to what you are choosing to use. Otherwise this can cause an upset tummy, vomiting, diarrhea, etc..

As for schedules...non work days give him as much love and attention as possible. You will still want to crate him if you can't be right there watching him even on those days, but let him enjoy you when you are home. Crating will last for about a year or longer. Until you can trust him in the house without destroying things, having accidents etc...

Potty training...keep it up. Some Beagles can take up to about 9 months before they are successful 100% of the time. I personally never had a problem potty training a beagle, but I know that most people say they are more difficult than other breeds. Just remember to take Einstein out after every nap, at least once an hour while he's awake and playing, app. 10 minutes after he has eaten his dinner and always be consistent with your method. Praise for good, ignore the accidents. Beagles do not respond to punishment AT ALL.

Welcome to BW. I am sure you will have many questions and hopefully some of the seasoned owners will be able to assist you with answers. We love pictures around here so if you have a camera...shoot away.
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Thanks BeagleTails .....

Einstein has been eating that same food, I haven't changed it over yet. The only difference is that i have been trying to give him snacks which he doesn't seem to like ???? As for the food he devours it..... licks the bowl clean ..

I am trying to upload some pics .... as soon as I figure it out I will post ;-)
Welcome to beagle world. My goodness you have a different schedule to most but at least there is someone home most of the time.
Has he been checked over by vet? Did the breeder tell you about vacinations and de worming? Einstein is still very young and I would stick to his puppy food for the time being, treats can come later. At the moment he'll need a few meals a day.

I am not a fan of toilet-pads. Do you have a garden? The best thing is to teach a pup to go outside. He needs to go out every time he wakes up, if there is a garden easy, if not its on the leash to the nearest patch outside.
Are there any times of day or night when both you and your wife are up for any length of time together? I would make that his play time. He'll get used to a routine but you have to keep to it.
Good luck and enjoy this forum.
Thanks A doghouse ......

We do have a large backyard .... but i was told during my crash course that einstein shouldn't go outside ??? Also he is current on all his shots and he has gotten a de-worming vac ? I not sure about this part when I check the information sheet i got with him there are 4 vacs listed
I think its fine for Einsteen to be outside in your own securely fenced yard. You just don't want him in public places where there are lots of other dogs you don't know because he will not have immunity to diseases until he finishes all of his vaccines at I think 16 weeks. We were able to take Maggie to a puppy socialization class at our vet's office at 8 weeks because they only allowed their own clients to attend and knew the dogs were healthy and up to date on vaccines.
If he continues throwing up, I would call a vet. My puppy started throwing up the night we got her home. I took her to my vet the next morning and found she had Giardia.
Welcome to Beagle World. I will look forward to puppy pictures.
First off, Einstein is a hilarious name for a beagle. Let's just hope he lives up to it.

Secondly, I think you have the right idea of creating a puppy schedule. We did the same thing for Bodie and put it right on the fridge. That way the whole family was on the same page. It really helped a lot. You're also on the right track with the crate training.

There are a couple of puppy books I'd recommend, My Smart Puppy and A guide to raising a Puppy. Both will be valuable resources during this early stage. And of course this forum.

Good luck and enjoy!
Welcome to you and Einstein. You will find lots of good info here. One thing I remember from when my dogs were pups is to also use the wee wee pads after a meal. Mine usually pooped after eating.
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Thanks ... Jassy/Brien and Bodie

I think I will start to take him for walks in the backyard ...would like to start getting him use to going outside.

It is time for his afternoon feeding ... he doesn't seem to have much of a appetite ?? wife is already on the phone with the vet ..

Yes and i do like the name Einstein ;-) wife wanted Mugsy but Einstein won .... I will check into those books you recommended

Thanks Beagle mom .....

Ok your comment leads me to my next question ...

How do you upload pictures ?
For help with different things and how to operate them on our site we made a <span style="font-weight: bold">How To</span> section with information on many different things. Please refer to this area for how to do this and that.

If you have problems after reading those different instructional threads you may contact a staff member. The staff members names are green or red in color in the different post's and places on the site. You may also use the contact us link at the bottom of every page to contact any staff member in our community.

Please skip me for help as I'm always busy, sorry, that's why we wrote the how to section.
to BW! We have lots of members who have puppy experience -- it's been way too many years since I had a puppy (my Maggie is going to be 14 this year). That said, looking forward to hearing all about your adventures with Einstein -- there will be many!
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I don't have recent puppy experience, either, but many here will be able to give you tips.
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Welcome. As everyone else has said, consistency is key with the potty training. If you catch him going in the wrong place say no and take him to wherever you do want him to go (outside or puppy pad). Be sure to praise him LOTS and maybe give a treat when he goes in the right place. We found that ours doesn't respond much to praise or so-so treats when we're outside so we had to bring good treats! Haha, he's a picky boy. Good luck with the potty training. It can be very frustrating! Ours was 8 months old yesterday and has gone 1 week and 1 day since his last accident for the first time ever! Woo hoo! It has been a long process and I'm glad to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway, good luck with raising little Einstein. We have found it to be frustrating at times but all in all it has been a wonderful and very rewarding experience.

I see you got plenty of advice so far and you will get plenty more along the way.

Now, we are waiting for pictures of Einstein!! (Great name
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Thanks to everybody for there advise and well wishes ;-)

But I have some bad news ;-( Just came from the vet, my wife was very worried about the throwing up so we went to the store to return the small crate and got a more Appropriate size one and then to the vet .... he is keeping Einstein over night for observation ... I miss the little guy ..... The vet said that he justed want to take x-ray and make sure everything was ok .. I saw that the vet was checking Einstein's intestines (which the little guy didn't like at all)and said that puppy's sometimes have intestinal issue's which might be the reason he has been throwing up ....

Well I will give the vet a call later on tonight to get an update .... but it just feels strange, 2nd night with the puppy and he is not here running around pissing and crapping everywhere, wife is at work, house feels kind of empty.

Once again thanks to all and I will post the pictures I have ...
Sending lots of healing thoughts to little Einstein -- hopefully, it is just a sore tummy and he he will be home feeling better tomorrow!
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This is a earlier pic ...


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Watching Daddy watching TV ....


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Aww, he is adorable! I hope he is okay!

Beagles are definitely a handful, as I am experiencing my very first beagle pup (11 weeks old now). My Beanie is really used to our weekday schedule where we wake up at 5am together. On weekends, she insists on waking up that early as well, so I definitely cannot sleep in! She will howl incessantly in her crate until I wake up as well. She has a lot more family time though on weekends, and she likes it a lot. On the mondays, she is usually feeling a bit more blue when I leave for school, but on Tuesday, she gets back into the groove of things and is fine again.

Anyway, good luck with Einstein!
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