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Early puppy photo's

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On Saturday we went to look at the litter of puppies from which we are getting a new pup. They were only 4 weeks old but very cute.
I have taken photo's of the puppy we chose my daughter fell in love with her and my son likes her too . So the kids chose this one.
I have also put in a couple of the parents and one of mum and puppies.


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Originally Posted By: Winston's Mom
Thank you.
Originally Posted By: Li'l MaggieAwwwww Allison...she's just perfect! Such a beautiful little beagle baby...I can almost smell her puppy breath. I hope the time until you bring her home flys by...that's the hardest part!
Thank you yes waiting is hard made harder as we have to wait till she is 9 weeks instead of 8 as the breeders are at a Ag Fest the weekend she is 8 weeks , bummer.
Originally Posted By: Beagle MomMom and Dad are gorgeous and baby girl beagle is beautiful!!
Thank you
Originally Posted By: CocoLocoOMG! I would have wanted to bring all of them home with me
Thank you .Yes they are all adorable.
Originally Posted By: beagletailsYou make me anxious for our litter to arrive. I hope you enjoy your new little one. Any name ideas yet?
Thanks . We haven't come to agreement on any names yet . My hubbie named our last 2 beagles and I have named every cat I have ever had. I would like to pick the name this time I have told hubbie.
Originally Posted By: boo3792What a sweet little puppy! Her mom is beautiful as well.
Hope the wait doesn't seem too long for you! :p
Thank you boo3792
Originally Posted By: SandyjShe's adorable!
Thanks Sandyj
Originally Posted By: CocoLocoI am sure that you will find a perfect name once you have the puppy home and you start to see his/her personality come out
The way I see it, we always seems to discover their names once we know a little more about them
Thank you CocoLoco. We usually manage to name our pets before they come home except for our cat Winky who adopted us [turned up under the house meowing]. Thanks for that.
Originally Posted By: VickiOH MY GOSH! That is soooooooooooooo cute
I love the wrinkly legs!
Thank you Vicki. I hadn't noticed the wrinkly legs till you said.
Originally Posted By: Chloe's MommyHow the heck did I miss that one, I have no idea!!!

They are gorgeous
Thank you Chloe. I forgot to put the camera icon up with my post , I think that helps people to know cute pictures are available for viewing.
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Originally Posted By: jassyShe looks so tiny. They are all adorable.
Thank you jassy, she certainly is tiny. One week older today , they are all 5 weeks today
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Originally Posted By: A doghouseBet you cant wait to get her home! Beautiful pictures.
That's for sure
Thank you.
Originally Posted By: kathy5how very sweet I love her face
Thank you.
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Originally Posted By: Woojiebearcutest things ever!!!

can i have them all please?!?!?!?
They are so sweet aren't they
Originally Posted By: Pop_RivitThey are adorable! There are few things in life better than puppy kisses!
Yes your so right. Thank you.
Originally Posted By: Sephlycan't wait till you get her home and post lots of pictures
It's getting closer .
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1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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