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Ear Chewing

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Ok, so Cole is/has been losing his baby teeth. We have spent a crazy amount of money on teething toys/items (soft, hard, frozen, you name it!). Recently he has taken to chewing on Roscoe's ears! He is not hurting him in any way and Roscoe just lays there and lets him do it!
This goes on for long periods of time and Roscoe's ears wind up all slimy and gross!
Anyone have a similar experience?
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You know, I thought Casie was the only one who did that, but he seems to be constantly cleaning Cobi's ears, and then biting on them. To make matters worse, Case will bite at Cobi's ankles in the tender spot and then on his lips...it's like anything that can be painful is open game. We've had to separate them, but then found out from our breeder friend, that this is normal for pups as a sign of submission...well somethings are normal and somethings are gross...this ranks with gross and ornery.

Cathy J
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