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Quote:Lillie is eating boiled chicken but I am having to give her water and pedilite by syringe. She has had no temp spike since the weekend. I spoke with the vet today and they say it might be 3-4 days until the antibodics kick in. Today was the 4th day. She is still so weak. She was also prescribed metacam and a friend of mine who used to be a vet tech said sometimes that makes them sleepy and upset stomach. I will keep her on the baytril and not give her the metacam tomorrow.

Ok, I haven't read through all the replies yet, so may be off base on this one, but ... a fever without cause in a Beagle makes me think disc disease/back pain. How old is Lillie? Do her eyes appear glassy? Is she walking with a stiff gait or slight hunch to the back?
Another thing. <span style="font-weight: bold">It may not be the antibiotics making her feel better, but the Metacam. </span>Wondering why Baytril was prescribed, though, if the cause is still not verified? Baytril is VERY strong, and usually for kidney or urinarty tract infections. Might be better if you could get her on plain amoxicillin ...

Quote:So can it happen that a Beag takes that long to get the meds in their system?????

If the problem was going on unnoticed for a while, it might take longer for the meds to help. Hopefully the Vet can determine what this is and get her feeling well again! If the tests come back inconclusive, you might want to urge the Vet to palpate her spine or do an x-ray ... believe me, if by some chance it is spinal, the $ spent now can save you thousands should the disc rupture or slip.
Ask the Vet if you can give her baby aspirin (or dog aspirin, same thing). That might help reduce the fever even more and if it is joint related, can also help with that as well. Good luck, I hope it's nothing serious & glad to hear she is feeling better
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