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e and a beagle crosswhat would you do?

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good morning,In a previous entry I said I had a beagle and a beagle cross and my son had brought home a new beagle/ terrier to prevent her going to the humane society but my son is very busy and of course the looking after has gone to me. She is not spayed and a third in the house makes a difference especially when we live at our cottage but rent out and move home part of the year so the place has to stay immacualate, although renters usually bring their pets.
Anyway,I have a single mother with 5 kids wanting to take her but I just cant decide what to do.I am not sure it would be the ideal home for her although she should get lots of attention.Isn't it great what your kids get you into.My son who is 19 is saying to do what I want without a worry and I am worried sick about which way to go.Has anyone been through this type of decision? thanks
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Sorry about my suject title,part of my entry ended up in there. Was just suppose to read What would you do?
Can the new family afford to take care of her, both routine care and emergencies? Is the house somewhat beagle proof and the yard fenced? Are the kids old enough to keep gates closed. Those are the things I would ask when deciding about the home. Also are they willing/able to get her spayed right away? You don't want her homeless again because she ran out and got lost or has a litter of pups no one wants to bother with.
First, can you physically, emotionally, and financially handle the new dog. If so, then you have my vote. If any of these is even a slightest maybe not. Then the answer is no. The HS or local rescue maybe not seem good, but its better than nothing.

FYI: You busy son brought this dog home. Let him decide where it is to go, then make him take the dog there. You did not ask for the respnosibility, its his.

Good luck.
Sounds like you have enough on your plate with 5 kids and 3 dogs... tough decision but I think all around i'd have to let that other little dog go.. its not her fault or yours but I dont think it would be fair on anyone for her to stay.. too much pressure
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I dont have the five kids, that is the lady who wants to take the dog.I just have one 19 year old son at home who got me into this and my two original dogs and now this little one that I am deciding rather to take on permanently or give to a new home before I get to attached. which I would do if I new it was the right home for her.She was in the city in a corner apartment with no yard and a 6 foot tieout at the door when my son brought her home and she is sure enjoying her freedom on the lake as we have the underground fence so they dont go away but can play endlessly.I still haven't decided what to do.
If you are unsure of the single mom with five then wait, there are good people out there looking for a rescue. If you decide to keep the dog and you are easily able to, then great. Either way I would not let your son shuck the responsibility of having made the decision to bring the dog home but then pass it off on you, especially if he is still living at home.

At 35 I sometimes wish I could be as busy as I was when I was 19.
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