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Drunk Beags!

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Tonight my hubby was having some wine and walked out of the room leaving the wine glass within reach.

Well we walked back into the room to see the Twins lapping up the spilled wine :raspberry: . Thank gosh it was just half a glass but I know they are both gonna sleep good tonight!

And now new rule, no more walking out without your wine glass, remote control, laptop closed, books put up.
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Our first beagle used to drink beer once it had gone flat. All our other beagles have hated any alcohol, although Snoopy is adicted to over-ripe apples that he finds on the floor of the garden. I wonder whether they havent started fermenting!
We never GAVE our beagles alcohol! Bilbo discovered our slug-trap, a bowl in the flower-beds in which we put beer. The slugs were attracted to it, but alas so was Bilbo, so we had to stop using it. Our other beagles, including our present 2, would sniff everything we consumed and would back away on smelling our glass of wine or whatever. A natural deterrant. I should imagine most cases of animals drinking alcohol have resulted out of accident. No sensible person would do it on purpose.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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