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?? That can really set beags off especially if you have protectors. I think when they have free roam of the house, sometimes it is very stressful for them with trying to protect the house and their pack.
It would not surprise me if this were the case.

When we first got Willie, we tried to do without crating him during the workday, just confined him to the living room and dining room. Well, the living room offers him a view out the front door window and has a big picture window that views onto the front porch as well. Apparently, there was a neighborhood dog roaming at large, and as soon as I got home, I knew it had been hanging out on our porch, because it left a pile of poo. Willie must have gone nuts at a strange dog hanging out on the porch, because even though he'd not been destructive previously, he rammed over the gate that was confining him to "his" two rooms, and got at a bunch of stuff that was supposedly off limits to him and shredded it everywhere. We had to start crating, then, because he is just too unpredictable if his territorial instinct gets piqued.

Willie's definitely a shredder, though, when left to his own devices. We can't even put a cushy bed or even a soft blankie in his crate, because he will rip it to shreds.
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