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My goodness, they did do a number on you, didn't they? Well, let me see, with our first beagle, Chipper, he destroyed a couch in 30 minutes flat, just ripping the cushions to pieces, chewed holes in three bed mattresses...just enough to get to the springs, numerous pillows, shoes, slippers, socks, mittens, belts, and of course toys of the kids, etc. Now Cobi, 9 years old now, only destroys things that are in the kitchen...like the refrigerator door...so he can open it. Casie, age 2, loves mittens and shoes, the ends of blankets. He is my pee'er. Anything that is MINE, he will be on....my side of the bed for example. If we are going to be gone more than 2 hours, we crate them, knowing that they will be fine, and in need of attention when we get back. I don't know that it's a beagle trait, as my folks' poodles were worse. Good luck with them....
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