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Dog portraits on our wall

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One wall of the main hallway that bisects our house is devoted to photos. There are photos of my boyfriend and me, artwork and photos by friends, photos by friends, and now, pictures of the puppies. My boyfriend and I printed out 5x7 photos over the weekend and put them in cute little frames. I think they turned out pretty nicely. We moved the Beagle World calender to another room of the house (it used to be on that wall, too) so that when Bones pops up as Miss July, we won't have a redundant photo


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That's my favorite picture of Miss Bones!
I LOVE these two pictures of Miss Bones & Mr Spock!!!
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I like them! I too love to have my photos up on the wall. I have several walls here devoted to photographs.
If that isn't just the cutest!!!!
Those are great photos!!
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