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Something crazy has happened these last few days. I have heard about others experiencing this but I have never experienced this before as this is my first true dog (First that lives with me and is taken care of solely by me).

Normally my dog is CRAZY. Never slows down. I will take her for a run, get home and she sprints around the house. Never lays down except for bedtime. She always picking on the other house dog and any strangers that wonder into our house.

Well the last few days I have been slowly getting sick, flu like symptoms. Tonight it got really bad to the point where I was in tears from coughing. Now I am a 23 year old college boy that plays Lacrosse, takes alot to make me cry. Well my dog instantly stopped being crazy when I came home from work. She began ignoring my roommates, the other dog and any treats I tried giving her. All she wants to do now is follow me from room to room and curl in a ball next to me.

She is definitely a man's best friend and I can now fully understand why people with dogs recover from illness/injuries faster then those not with dogs.

Lets hear your stories!!! Sorry for all the typing but I truly love my dog more then anything after tonight. I would take a bullet for her haha!!
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