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Does your beagle ever do this?

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Okay Sydney use to take a bone or something and pretend to bury it on the couch and carpet using her nose like she was pushing dirt over it, it is pretty dang funny! Here is a video link, hope it works!
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Jersey does that all the time. Almost every day she tries to bury her food before she eats it. But only in the mornings.
That's a great video. I love how Syndey used the jacket there to try and cover up the bone. Silly Beagles! They are creative. :hi:
Yeap...Abby does that too. We call it imaginary dirt.
My Sydney does that too. It's so funy to watch.
Oscar does that too! Usually only with breakfast. Silly beags.
How cute is that!! And how smart, to use the jacket to cover up her bone.
Shiloh has a very "seize the moment" attitude about bones and treats. She doesn't bury 'em, she eats 'em!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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Finding a burying place where there was none was very creative of Sydney. Li'l Girl, like Genie's Shiloh, eats all her treats as soon as she gets them. :eyes: Of course, with 3 other dogs around she doesn't have much choice. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
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Our last beagle, Spotty, would do that. She would spend ages burying some food in the couch and when it slipped down the side, would yelp at it. Our present two dont leave food uneaten for more than seconds!
That was great! Yep the Twins try to do that on the couch but we don't allow bones or treats on the couch, so when we see them digging, we know they are trying to sneak one up there!
Sophie (4 months old) does this every time we give her a rawhide or pigs ear or any type of chew hide. If she is in the yard she will bury it. In the house she tries to look for a place to bury it. Yesterday she wandered all around the house with a confused look on her face trying to find a burial place. After a while she gave up and ate it!
Fin does it all the time with anything he deems worthy! Sometimes I have to stop him though because he got rug burn on his nose one time from the imaginary dirt...
The first time that I saw Caesar do this I was sitting on the couch watching TV all snuggled up under a blanket. Caesar jumped up with something in his mouth and buried it in the blanket pushing the imaginary dirt with his nose. It was so interesting. When he was done he sat down beside me. I was curious about what he buried so I picked it out. Big mistake! He looked at me like "You B*#%@!!!" Then he ripped it out of my hand and ran out of the room. Now I never look to see what it is until he's out of site. BTW it was a bully stick that he buried.
Brandy, I have to laugh at your story. If we dare look at Jersey while she's "burying" anything she takes it and moves it somewhere else. She's not a happy Beagle if we see her hiding spot. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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Suzy does the same thing, but after she leaves it, beau goes and eats it. She doesnt learn thought because she does it everytime we give her a hard,dry treat.
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It's so funny we were just talking about this cause last night my mom was getting ready for bed and was fluffing her pillows and finds Fin's bone underneath. She was cracking up and then i explained that its not uncommon.
:exactly: All of your stories sound just like Sydney!
making sure I dont see it and if I touch it she doesnt know what to do, she just stares at me like what did you just do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sign20:
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