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does toby need a companion?

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Hi my 5 month old male Toby really shows what a well behaved dog he can be whenever he has been to the dog park and socialized with other dogs for a few hours, after this he is calm and moderately obedient. at other times he is a possessed demon running circles around our apartment all puffed up. i know it's because he is in his crate a lot during the day and is just acting out his frustration and needs to play. would another beagle be a good idea? i know beagle's are pack dogs and no doubt would love company. anyone else been through this situation and got another beagle? how did it work out?
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Another option to consider might also be to get an older adult rescue beagle as a companion for Toby - rather than another wild and energetic puppy... That way he would have the companionship and maybe be able to learn by the example set by the older (and hopefully calmer) other dog.
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