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does toby need a companion?

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Hi my 5 month old male Toby really shows what a well behaved dog he can be whenever he has been to the dog park and socialized with other dogs for a few hours, after this he is calm and moderately obedient. at other times he is a possessed demon running circles around our apartment all puffed up. i know it's because he is in his crate a lot during the day and is just acting out his frustration and needs to play. would another beagle be a good idea? i know beagle's are pack dogs and no doubt would love company. anyone else been through this situation and got another beagle? how did it work out?
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I just got a second beagle after having only one for 4 years. Buckley, our first, is going on 5 and Jewelie, the one we recently adopted, is going on 6. I definitely think it was a good move. While he is still jealous at times when it comes to us being affectionate with her, they get along wonderfully and he seems happy to have a buddy during the day when we are at work.

Yes, it's a bit more work and definitely more expense (vaccinations, vet bills, food), but well worth it in the way they can keep each other exercised and busy. It has been 6 weeks now, and we are really happy we made the decision to get another.
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