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Originally Posted By: Brien & Bodie
Ok, Jen so perhaps you've touch on something I'm missing. Not all beagles (when it comes to beagling) are created equal.

Bodie was breed from a long line of field beagles. So the hunting trait has been breed into him. Which is perhaps why he beagles a lot, and maybe even more then a so called normal beagle.

If this is true, we could get another beagle, just maybe not one from the same breeder as Bodie.
Honestly i dont even think lineage is it, my dog also comes from a long line of trial hunting beagles and he's a relatively quiet dog, my golden retriever barked more. If the beagling bothers you i would def not even go for another beagle because you will run the risk of getting a talkative dog. Go with a quieter breed of dog, it might help bodie's beagling and if it doesn't atleast you wont be multiplying your noise level times 2.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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