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My Charlie Bays and howls a lot, or is it really? So I adopted Him a companion hoping like you it would help him maybe he was lonely? oh but another beagle, who knows i might end up with a louder more voicing beagle, soooooo i got scared...anywooooooo....... new guy is not a Beagle and hurts my charlie when he hears him howl baying etc....I come to think it's because he's not understanding this type of breed and the reason they do this, well to be honest I come to like and accept my little beagleweegle bays and howls, and WISH I WOULD OF Considered and not been so scared and worried getting another Beagle, a beagle just like him, BAYS AND ALL.......I know they would of understood eachother and this should of been important in looking for another dog, only cause My charlie is soooo vocal.....
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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