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Well, I have two, also as you know. Casie came to us without beagling loudly at all. But Cobi wouldn't stand for him not talking; so big bro taught little bro the true meaning of being a beagle. Now it doesn't matter, if one doesn't start it the other will. Casie is deeper in his barking, and Cobi is more high pitched...that drives me nuts...but actually their barking is one of the reasons I love the breed so much. My neighbor has 9 little yappers as I call them , and I can't stand the sound of them and then her yelling at them to shut up. I've had poodles, and didn't like their bark either. I am thinking it depends on the dog, Chipper wasn't a barker unless there was someone in his territory...he was a thinker...on the other paw, his brothers are very vocal about everything.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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