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I have four dogs. 3 purebreds-1 beagle/lab mix. Two are very vocal and the other two are not. I really don't have any howlers at the moment though. When I did have one that howled living here for about 9 months or so, she would occasionally get the others to howl with her, but now that she is gone I don't hear it again. I think our dogs are too busy playing all the time to be howling. They do bark at passersby (especially dog walking humans), cats and sometimes at children playing in neighboring yards, but I just bring them in if they get too loud.

I don't think it matters what type of dog you get. Bodie may teach his new pack member to howl, but personally I think if for no other reason the howling will be minimized because Bodie will be busy wrestling, running, chewing on the new member, etc... I think beagles howl mostly out of boredom or because of a trigger such as a wild animal or cat.

I do believe that the stronger the hunting lines the more likely they will howl. I say that from experience. We have housed many beagles here due to studding out our male, rescues temporarily living here, etc... I can see in their pedigrees the ones that were bred out of hunting lines and they have all seemed to be more vocal. My current pack members are all from pet lines and I think that is helpful in reducing the noise level.

Beagles get along well with many other animals, but imho I think they are happiest with other members that look like themselves. I think another Beagle would be best for you and Bodie.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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