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Does everything have to go in your mouth?!

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okay, why does it seem like Marley has to taste and eat everything? I mean everything. Lint, hair, specks of 'nothing' on the carpet, twigs, sticks, leaves, grass, etc.

He loves being outside and I admit, I enjoy being out there with him, but we come back in quickly sometimes because I get tired of taking things out of his mouth. I wanted to cook on the grill so I let him out in the yard. Every minute I was stopping to catch him, take it out of his mouth, go inside to wash my hands, and back out to the grill. Got so annoyed I put him back inside. Will he ever stop this madness? He is 4 months old so I know it come with puppyhood but my goodness, EVERYTHING?
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My 4-month-old pup Spock has so far been just interested in all the usual interesting things listed above (bits of string from his rope toy, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc.), and also has a fascination with a rubber door stop that holds open a door that won't stay open without it (due to the uneven shifting of the house). There's been many a time I've been sitting at my computer and heard the door to the room shut, then looked to see nobody had come in, and gone to the dog's playroom to find him sitting on the floor with the stopper between his paws and his tail wagging.

He's also gotten very interested in furniture. He actually started working on the already-shredded corner of a Craigslist-find red loveseat the other day. I used bitter apple spray on it and the corners of other non-metal furniture pieces at his level, but am worried this is a sign of teething to come. Time to buy some more durable chew toys, I guess.
While out walking this morning, Spock found, and ate, his first feather. :doh: I saw it on his nose, and the next thing I know, it was in his mouth. I opened his mouth to see if I could retrieve it, but it was gone.
Ever heard the Monty Python routine about Crunchy Frog? Today, my little man found one that wasn't part of any candy box. While at the park, he nosed around the bottom of a tree and lay down to chew on something, looking at me with the guilty look he gets when he's got something he knows I'm about to take away. From one side, it just looked like a dessicated, weird leaf. But once I turned it over... oh, gross, a frog skin. :pukey:
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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