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Does everything have to go in your mouth?!

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okay, why does it seem like Marley has to taste and eat everything? I mean everything. Lint, hair, specks of 'nothing' on the carpet, twigs, sticks, leaves, grass, etc.

He loves being outside and I admit, I enjoy being out there with him, but we come back in quickly sometimes because I get tired of taking things out of his mouth. I wanted to cook on the grill so I let him out in the yard. Every minute I was stopping to catch him, take it out of his mouth, go inside to wash my hands, and back out to the grill. Got so annoyed I put him back inside. Will he ever stop this madness? He is 4 months old so I know it come with puppyhood but my goodness, EVERYTHING?
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yup-homer is the same way.he doesn't seem to swallow much anymore but he will chew it.he likes to pull the string out of his rope toy and chew on it like it's gum for awhile-then spits it on the carpet and on to the next.whats really funny is watching him try to spit out a chewed up leaf-he usually ends up licking the driveway till most of it is gone off his tounge
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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