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Does everything have to go in your mouth?!

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okay, why does it seem like Marley has to taste and eat everything? I mean everything. Lint, hair, specks of 'nothing' on the carpet, twigs, sticks, leaves, grass, etc.

He loves being outside and I admit, I enjoy being out there with him, but we come back in quickly sometimes because I get tired of taking things out of his mouth. I wanted to cook on the grill so I let him out in the yard. Every minute I was stopping to catch him, take it out of his mouth, go inside to wash my hands, and back out to the grill. Got so annoyed I put him back inside. Will he ever stop this madness? He is 4 months old so I know it come with puppyhood but my goodness, EVERYTHING?
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Another typical beagle trait!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif I too have to take things out of his mouth everytime we go out for a walk. Mostly it's food scraps, but sometimes it's worse than that and I don't even look at what I extract from his mouth. Ugh!!! I have to glue my eyes on him when we're out and he kinda knows it. I have to steer him from things that look suspicious along the way.
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