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Does everything have to go in your mouth?!

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okay, why does it seem like Marley has to taste and eat everything? I mean everything. Lint, hair, specks of 'nothing' on the carpet, twigs, sticks, leaves, grass, etc.

He loves being outside and I admit, I enjoy being out there with him, but we come back in quickly sometimes because I get tired of taking things out of his mouth. I wanted to cook on the grill so I let him out in the yard. Every minute I was stopping to catch him, take it out of his mouth, go inside to wash my hands, and back out to the grill. Got so annoyed I put him back inside. Will he ever stop this madness? He is 4 months old so I know it come with puppyhood but my goodness, EVERYTHING?
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Quote:Originally posted by Marley's Mommy:
okay, why does it seem like Marley has to taste and eat everything?
I think the simple answer is: he is a beagle!
Well... he is a beagle. You can take comfort in that at least Chloe does the exact same thing. It's getting embarrasing talking to peope but looking at her, making sure she is not eating something bad... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif
Just this week she ate stool, I didn't see it, it was dark. And she stank for hours.... yuck :pukey:
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"Does everything have to go in your mouth?"...YES! Jersey is always licking things up. She always finds things that I don't even see. Welcome to life with a Beagle!
"Nasty" is a great word to teach your beagles! If Maggie picks up something in her mouth outside, I can say "nasty" in a stern voice and she will drop it. Taught this to her when she was much younger and it works great. Then there are those things she picks up when I am distracted ... the instinct never leaves them!
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