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Do your beagles have jarmies?

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Do your beagles wear coats/pyjarmas/jumpers? It doesn't get THAT cold in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, but some nights can be a bit chilli. The girls have two sets of jarmies now. A thicker fleece style coat and a cotton thin coat.

This is the new coat:

Although, I can see the hood being ripped off when they decide to go outside and play at 10pm at night.

Do your beagles have jarmies? It's currently Autumn (Fall) here, nearly heading into Winter.
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Caesar doesn't have any sweaters or coats (Shane doesn't like them) but he does have a t-shirt that say's "Bitch's Love Me". At night he wraps himself in a blanket like a cocoon, no jammies.

All your beagles look so cute in their clothes!
Originally Posted By: MariaMy hubby says no clothes
Mine too, in fact in his book that's the 12th commandment - Thou shalt not dress the dog - which includes bandanas. grumble, grumble.
Lucky has extremely thin hair. He shivers in the winter so he has many sweatshirts to keep him warm. I can't help he is a baby. He hates wearing them but he likes being warm!

Here he is with me this past fall in one of his sweatshirts...
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Those girls are postitively ADORABLE!!! Do they like wearing their "jarmies"? (I say jammies).

Henry and Yodel are allowed to wear fur...and it has to be their own! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/tired.gif I'm not sure they would like wearing clothes.
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We call them Jimmie Jams. They are a lot more obliging this winter than they were last. Maybe that's because they aren't puppies anymore and don't see them as toys!

I think they look so cute in their hoodies. I can't wait to take them out in them this weekend.
Oh how cute! Phoebe has a Halloween t-shirt and Teddy has a little coat a friend gave him. Both act like they are being punished when you put clothes on them! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hihi.gif
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If we move to Wisconsin this summer (Or even Nebraska, it gets bitterly cold there, too), Bridey is getting a snowsuit!

The girls got some new jarmies yesterday
They look so cute trotting around.

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Look at these two little girls.... those bellys, those eyes....

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Oh goodness, if they aren't adorable, I've never seen adorable.
Do they object at all to wearing their jarmies?
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Sandy - Not really. They used to object to the jarmies we bought them last year. But I think that's because they were younger and the jarmies looked better in their mouths than on their backs.

This year when we brought them out, they've been really good and each morning when we've got up, they've still had their jarmies on. These ones may take a little more getting used to because they have the legs in them. Otherwise, they have no issues at all.

Lately as soon as they see Andrew or I pick their jarmies up, they come running up, put their paws up on our legs and stretch out with big smiles on their faces. I would have thought if they didn't like them, they wouldn't be that excited about getting jarmies on
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Rosa and Sherry (and hubbie) say clothes are for people and fur is for animals. Needless to say my babies don't wear jammies.
How absolutely adorable!!!!
Your girls are so pretty--thanks for sharing.:)
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