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Do your beagles have jarmies?

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Do your beagles wear coats/pyjarmas/jumpers? It doesn't get THAT cold in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, but some nights can be a bit chilli. The girls have two sets of jarmies now. A thicker fleece style coat and a cotton thin coat.

This is the new coat:

Although, I can see the hood being ripped off when they decide to go outside and play at 10pm at night.

Do your beagles have jarmies? It's currently Autumn (Fall) here, nearly heading into Winter.
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Hahaha so cute.

No my babies don't wear any clothes although Sherry has a soft padded jacket that I put on her after her operation because she would shiver when I took her for a walk.

The weathers very warm here at the moment so she's not wearing it anymore.

Rosa and Sherry (and hubbie) say clothes are for people and fur is for animals. Needless to say my babies don't wear jammies.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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