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Do You Dress Your Beagle??

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We were browsing around a local pet store today and saw some of the cutest dog clothes.
When it was cold out, we bought JoJo a sweater, which she loved wearing.
Now that the weather is so hot, I've thought about getting her something like a thin t-shirt (or tank top) to help with the sun beating down on her black fur. But they were all so fru-fru! To me, beagles just aren't fru fru dogs. I've got to find her something more suitable for a beagle.

I saw some cute neckties (scrunchie-like collar with a little necktie hanging off of it). But they were more suited for a male dog.

Do you all dress your dogs? If so, where do you find your clothes? We don't want to go all-out, just give her something to keep the heat off her back. She gets so HOT lately.
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Geez, I wish but he don't like it. I dress him, take pictures real quick & then he takes it off
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