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do we want a third?

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So... we went to one of the shelters not too far from us and found the most adorable beagle! He actually isn't up for adoption yet, he just came into the shelter a few days ago and the owners have another 5 days to claim him. Then he gets neutered and gets put up for adoption. It was so cute to watch him play outside with the other dogs. He looked very playful but still submissive which is good for us if we want another. We haven't made a decision yet though and Daisy and Rocky would have to approve too
Here's a picture of him though!

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You're asking someone with NINE beagles?? I can't even remember just having three - it's been so long! Actually I guess I can - Princess was pretty still pretty young (less than a year old) when Romeo joined us - (he was planned) - then a week later, Chloe was added to the pack - (she WASN'T planned, the vet's office called about a week after Romeo joined the pack, and said Glenda we have a client who has a little girl she can't keep - will you take her) - well, what's ONE more beagle puppy - Chloe is actually 3 weeks older than Roms - but was <span style="text-decoration: underline">less than half his size</span>. She remains the smallest beagle I've ever seen. Planned or not, she became my
the first time I saw her - and today she remains my little
! Not that I don't love each and every one of the 9 beagles that let me live here, but she is truly special. My littlest angel.

That is a very handsome young man and should make a wonderful addition to your pack! The more the merrier
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Now you know why I stay as far away from shelters as possible! I'm having enough problems now taking care of the 9-pack, and I know that if I saw one like either of those adorable kiddies, I'd be tempted to add more to the pack and I'm too old.
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