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do we want a third?

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So... we went to one of the shelters not too far from us and found the most adorable beagle! He actually isn't up for adoption yet, he just came into the shelter a few days ago and the owners have another 5 days to claim him. Then he gets neutered and gets put up for adoption. It was so cute to watch him play outside with the other dogs. He looked very playful but still submissive which is good for us if we want another. We haven't made a decision yet though and Daisy and Rocky would have to approve too
Here's a picture of him though!

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I have three dogs so I can't talk but... I did find three a lot more work than two. Two is manageable, easier to walk, easier to feed etc. With any more than two dogs you have a real pack. You have to be extra careful at feeding time (we feed all of ours seperately). Walks are more difficult (I do two walks, one dog at a time, our eldest dog doesn't have the same exercise requirements as the younger two). The cost is a lot more.

But if you feel its the right timing and right for you and your other dogs... go for it!
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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