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do we want a third?

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So... we went to one of the shelters not too far from us and found the most adorable beagle! He actually isn't up for adoption yet, he just came into the shelter a few days ago and the owners have another 5 days to claim him. Then he gets neutered and gets put up for adoption. It was so cute to watch him play outside with the other dogs. He looked very playful but still submissive which is good for us if we want another. We haven't made a decision yet though and Daisy and Rocky would have to approve too
Here's a picture of him though!

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He's just adorable! I expect you have really already made up your minds if you made a trip to the shelter. I can't even go anywhere near potential adoptees! Try not to get too attached before the 5 days are up ... he looks like he is in great shape. Do you know why he ended up at the shelter?
Thats a decision you need to look at very seriously. Financially, mentally, physically, and logistically... are you and your family (the existing pack included) capable and ready to take on a third? If so, go put your name in.
I, too, think that adding a third is something that needs a lot of thought. Since we have 4 dogs, and a cat, I can tell you that vet bills can get hefty. It's sometimes stressful, too, getting them all fed without incident, etc., etc. If you're able to afford it, and if you and your present dogs can handle it, then go for it. I'm always happy to see a homeless dog find a forever home.
Ohhhh, they are both adorable. Casie reminds me a bit of Jersey...the expression on her face and her markings. Good luck with whoever you choose!
I would probably try to introduce Chloe to another dog outside of the house, maybe the park or something.

Rocky and Daisy maybe felt KC is invading their territory...
1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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